Who Am I?

I am a father of two boys and a loving husband who is passionate about photography. After my first son was born I wanted to make great photos of him, and that's when I got 'serious'.  I bought a Nikon D7000, then quickly realized I had no idea how to use it.

Over time I learned how to use my camera, I learned about the exposure triangle, the benefits of shooting in RAW format, and why good lenses are a must.  Oh, and I learned a little about taking pictures, too.

Today, I love making great photos of my family.  I'm also passionate about street photography, and I will occasionally shoot photo sessions for couples and families on California's Central Coast.

I started this blog to learn about the pictures I make, and to analyze my style and technique. By critiquing my pictures and writing about them I find that my photography has improved.

You can keep up with my day-to-day pictures on Instagram and Flickr.

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Thanks for contacting me. I welcome all opinions, both appreciation and criticism, but please be respectful and rational.

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