My Favorite Photography Podcasts (Part 2)

I listen to a lot of podcasts about all sorts of topics, and last week I reviewed three of my favorite photography podcasts. Today, in no particular order, I will round out my list.

The Candid Frame

The Candid Frame is by far the most sophisticated photography podcast I listen to. It is hosted by Ibarionex Perello, and he has the calm soothing voice of an NPR host. Ibarionex is a Los Angeles based photographer who interviews some of the world's most influential photographers at the top of their game. 

He has a YouTube channel by the same name where he humbly critiques photographs with a keen eye imparting his knowledge and experience onto the viewer. He discusses angles, lines, framing, emotion and the details that you don't initially see until he points them out. His reviews are insightful, and when you are finished watching a critique, or listening to an interview you are amped and motivated to go out and shoot.

His interviews will make you rethink your life with how you got to where you are. So many of the photographers he interviews have inspiring stories. Each week I live vicariously though them and dream about exotic expeditions working for Nat Geo, photographing portraits of world leaders, or whatever makes for an amazing photography career.

How these people became who they are seems so simple... in hindsight. But what you need to really think about are the sacrifices many of them made early on, and continue to make, that allowed them to get to where they are now.  I'm not so sure I have, or ever had, their tenacity to stick with something so difficult as to make it as one of the world's most influential photographers, but I do enjoy listening to Ibarionex's soft spoken perspective on photography.

Fro Knows Photo

I check Jared Polin's site once in a while to hear good info about the business of photography, and I do enjoy watching how he works through a photo shoot. Though he has good information, I am not a fan of his personality. He's a bit loud and obnoxious. Plus, that hair (his fro) is brutal, and his I Shoot RAW shirts are ridiculous.

This podcast is actually a YouTube channel that he links to from his website. Fro puts out random videos all the time and his weekly podcast, Raw Talk, is released every Monday. The podcast is decent. He and his cronies talk about the week's photo news, and he'll answer listener questions about anything photography related. He sometimes conducts interviews with other photographers and entrepreneurs, and then he does some gameshow stuff which is the point I turn it off.  

Jared covers a variety of topics, which is what keeps me coming back. You never know what he will talk about from week to week. He critiques listener photos and photography websites, he reviews gear, and there's his Raw Talk podcast, to name a few.

Along with discussions about the business side of photography, Fro also has a mountain of beginner information. If you are new to photography his site is a great place to start, but the more advanced enthusiast photographer is often ignored. I would guess that for every photographer making money there are thousands who don't and just shoot as a hobby, and it's these photographers who don't get much attention.

This is most notable when Jared does website reviews.  He tends to focus on the pro photographer with how their site is set up for clients and business, and on rare occasions he will he critique a hobbyist's website. 

He also (mostly) ignores the mirrorless side of photography. It's all DSLR all the time. Fro states that he will review Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, etc. when they send him gear. Geez man, rent a camera with lenses, review it, then send it all back. The world is moving in the direction of light mirrorless cameras, and I would argue a large number of photographers use mirrorless cameras.

Overall, Fro has good info about the pro and beginner sides of photography, but misses the middle, which is where most photographers reside. Regardless, I'll still tune in to watch the topic du jour.

Of the many podcasts I listen to these two photography podcasts, along with the previous three, are among my favorites. After reading this list which one's did I miss? Let me know, as I'm always open for a fresh perspectives.