I wake up every morning... so far, and one of the first things I do is make coffee. One morning while grinding the beans I looked up and the photograph above is what I saw.  I noticed Jake sitting there in the dark and thought, "This would make a great silhouette." My camera was a step away, and when I grabbed it I metered the exposure for the bathroom light then took a shot. When I looked at the back of the camera the bathroom seemed a bit over exposed, so I made another adjustment slightly underexposing for the bathroom and fired off a second shot, which is the photograph you see above. 

This picture was taken shortly after 5am. Jake stands guard at the bathroom door whenever someone is in there. But when the door is shut he lays down in front of it waiting for whoever is in there to come out.

This photo works for a few reasons. First, it is a silhouette. No need to say more about that. They just work. Second, it tells the story of a loyal dog alert and waiting. His reflection on the floor adds depth, and the floor has subtle leading lines.

Below, Jake is waiting again in his typical fashion when the door is closed. I really like the picture. but it doesn't work as well as the one above. The trashcan is a little distracting. I would have loved to remove it, but I knew if I did he would have sat up, and maybe walked away. So much for guarding the bathroom.

I snapped the shot anyway because I wanted a picture of the big lump lying on the floor. It's also good practice for when he does this again and the trashcan is not there. He is a loyal pup.